• Power Distributor Cabinet (MDB, DB) can be used in many fields. Cabinet MDB, DB standard designed to create favorable conditions for choosing to apply to the project. The advantages of electric cabinet are: – Busbar distribution tooling (sudden shock and thus no intermediate nodes in the output which reduces the possibility of malfunction due to a rise in the temperature of the contact point). ]
  • Overall Power System (MSB) is designed for all low voltage networks. Used for plants, commercial centers, office buildings, apartment buildings, hospitals, schools, airports, ports ….

    MSB electrical cabinets modular design. Each drawer is designed with separate functions. The height of each drawer is standardized.

  • Central control panel is designed according to the highest standards and is applied to the motor control center cabinet. This cabinet brings users many advantages in operation: – Save space. – Operate easily and safely. – Replace quickly without system outage. – Protect the optimal operation.


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