Wasing WFL- 403 Flashlight

[ AREAS-548 ]

– Wasing safeguard high Lights, designed tapered rigid. Lamp uses a lamp attached to the battery charger

– Lamps for white light bulb can be replaced, good brightness, light a few dozen meters away still evident

– Wasing Flashlight WFL-403 compact design with ultra-thick aluminum alloy, rugged, water-resistant and impact-resistant

– Compact, powerful lighting product is personal, all the people all want (family owned, stored in the trunk when outside, bring when traveling)

 Especially if you’re the police, who looks after the farm, guard, rangers, local tourism, fishing night, who do the work at night …. Here is the indispensable

Danh mục: Từ khóa:

Mô tả

 1. Use high power LED as light source, life up to 50,000 hours.

 2. Light, you can focus.

 3. Configure capacity lithium-ion rechargeable

 4. Accurate and beautiful.

 5. Polishing and Anodizing surface treatment, rust and corrosion.

 6. Waterproof and shock rain

 7. Configuring the family charger and car charger.

 8. Configuring the strap for easy carrying.

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